IS4 UUID Tagging Authority

This website serves as the authority for UUID-specified tags. It is primarily intended to be used by tools such as xml2rdf, but it is not restricted to them.

Permission is hereby granted to any individual, group or organization to mint tags under this authority, as long as the following is ensured:

Example of a valid URI:,:. The fragment is optional and can have arbitrary content if present.

The purpose of this service is to provide a place for producers of temporary entities to assign a somewhat meaningful URI to them. This has the advantage of indicating the temporary nature of the URI, ensuring its uniqueness via the UUID portion, and linking to this page for clarification.

It is not required for the date portion of the tag URI to correspond to the date of creation of the UUID, but individual consumers of tags under this authority may specify further requirements on the format of the UUID or range of the date. Note that some UUID formats do have a time component as well, which can be used for verification.

This website does not store any of the entities associated with its tags, nor does it warrant their legitimacy. Minting tags under this authority with dates after its expiration is prohibited by RFC 4151.